Using Windows Server 2008 R2 Network Load Balancing with teamed Network Nics in a HP-Server

Hello everybody. Today I would like to explain you how you can use the Windows Network Load Balancing Feature while the Nics in your HP-Servers are already teamed.

1. Activate the NLB Teaming Feature

2. Start the NLB Configuration and configure a Network-Load-Balance-Cluster – it is really important to do this at the console because you will loose your network connection to the server.

3. Now open the cluster configuration and write down the Mac-Address of the NLB-Cluster

4. Open HP-Teaming-Configuration:

5. Open the Properties of the Network Team

6. Change to “Settings”

7. Replace the existing “Team MAC Address” with the one displayed in the NLB-Cluster-Configuration

8. Save the changes with “OK” and “OK”

9. Finish NLB-Cluster-Configuration

10. Test a ping to first Cluster-Node on the original IP-Address and then on the new Cluster-IP-Address – you now should get an answer for both IP-Addresses.

11. When you now want to add a second/third/… node to the Cluster you have to do the following steps for every node:

a. Change the “Team Mac Address” to the “Mac Address of the new configured NLB-Cluster”
b. Add the Node to the NLB Cluster

12. Finished.