Can’t boot HP Envy laptop on windows 10 with USB flash drive to install dual boot.

To enable the USB flash drive boot on HP Envy laptop, you have to follow the below settings on Bios.

  1. Go to BIOS settings by pressing F-10. In system configuration you to disable “Secure boot” & then Enable “Legacy Support” as shown below.

2. After you restart your machine it will ask for code mentioned in the screen as shown below & then press enter to accept the BIOS changes.


Now even though you have enable the USB flash drive boot, boot the machine to install the dual boot, but while selecting the drive partition to install the operating system, you will receive error message about not being able to install on a GPT partition, it is because the computer was booted from a non-UEFI boot source or you selected to boot from a legacy boot source.

To fix the issue create a bootable USB flash drive with operating system ISO (Which needs to be dual boot).

I have used the free excellent tool called Rufus 2.3.709 to create the bootable flash drive.

  1. After clicking the rufus-2.3.exe, you have first select the ISO image by clicking the ISO/CD tab in below snap in.
  2. Then in Partitions scheme and target system type drop down there will be 3 option in which you have to select GPT partition scheme for UEFI.
  3. Then in file system you have to select FAT32 (Some computers may not recognize a valid UEFI enabled USB Flash drive if it is formatted as NTFS and may require a FAT32 formatted USB Flash drive.1
  4. Insert the USB flash drive, boot your laptop & select below highlighted USB drive with (UEFI) to start the operating system installation process.


Now you can select the drive where you can install the operating system without any error.


End of document!



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