ADMT Series – 2. Preparing the ADMT Machine

ou should install ADMT and SQL onto a member server in the target forest. Use the ADMT service account explained in the previous post to install SQL and ADMT.

ADMT requires a preconfigured instance of SQL Server for its underlying data store, so we’ll go ahead and install SQL 2008 SP1 Express on

Installing SQL Express 2008 SP1

SQL Express download here:

1. Choose New Stand-alone installation.

2. Select Database Engine Service.

3. Accept the default named instance.

4. Set an account for the SQL service to run under (use your ADMT Service Account).

5. Set a SQL administrator, choose the user account you plan to run ADMT under- be aware that this user account will need to have local administrative rights in the source domain (this will be discussed further in the series).

Installing ADMT

For this series I will be using ADMT 3.2, which is the supported version for Server 2008 R2. Use ADMT 3.1 for installation on a Server 2008 non-R2 server, or ADMT 3.0 for Server 2003. If you need to migration a Server 2000 Domain, you will need to use ADMT version 3.1 or earlier.

Update Junes 2014 – ADMT 3.2 now supports Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2.

The requirements are explained in the links below:

ADMT 3.0:
ADMT 3.1:
ADMT 3.2:

Run the ADMT setup file, and enter the named instance we created earlier.

Here is the ADMT MMC, ready to go.


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