Cluster node /forcecleanup & Error -2147352567

How to do complete cleanup of the failed cluster service from Windows 2003 Cluster:-

This is a not so common issue I can across this week . The background is as follows.

  • You decided to evict a node from your cluster.
  • There is a communication failure between nodes and a warning appears that the cluster was unable to remove clustering components from the evicted node.
  • You log onto the node in question and from a command prompt run “cluster node /forcecleanup”

The command responds with the output show in the screen shot below




Your server is now in limbo. You cannot un-install the cluster service and you cannot re-join the cluster, the cluster network driver and cluster disk driver are still online. Most people would re-install the server from scratch at this point. There is however a workaround that will save you time.

1.    Open up regedit on the system in question & Navigate to HKEY Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Currentversion\Cluster Server



2.   Right click ClusterInstallationState and choose Modify

3.   Change the value to 3


4.   Click OK

5.   Exit Regedit and reboot your server.

6.   Log back into windows and go to a command prompt.

7.   Run “Cluster node /forcecleanup” you should see the following output


That’s it !! No rebuild required. You can now operate the node as a stand alone box or join another cluster.


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